Minneapolis has seen it's fair share of turmoil this week following the murder of George Floyd. Peaceful protests turned into riots that turned into looting leaving city streets, parking lots, and stores in ruins.

Marvin Applewhite is a citizen of Minneapolis that is doing what he can to clean up the mess left behind and is asking for help in doing so. He organized a GoFundMe to hopefully raise $5,000 for cleaning supplies.

I've started cleaning up after taking pictures and noticed alot needs to be done far as cleaning. I'm in need of brooms, bags etc. I want to be able to give the one's who help food, water and hopefully a little stipend. It's lot's of work needs to be done and I'm willing to lead and get it done. So if there's anything you can give for this cause will be appreciated.

In the first 10 hours of the fundraiser being posted Marvin had raised over $2,000 from 63 different donors.

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