Two weeks ago on Friday, when we had all of that rain, I was heading to Foley's High School with the 98-1 truck for their Homecoming game. On my way to the school, it was still pretty light out, and I happened to catch a glimpse of a building on the side of the road. It looked like a tiny gnome house! It had a tall, somewhat narrow-looking roof, that curled up on one side. That little building I saw is apparently one of many that the homeowners have made and are then sold.

The man behind the business that is, bear with me here, behind the sheds, is Dan Hanes who, along with his wife, runs Barntiques Custom Wood & Design which specializes in custom woodwork and craftsmanship. Not only does Dan make and sell these sheds, but he has also turned them into greenhouses, treehouses, and of course if you needed one a she-shed.

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I had no idea that these types of buildings were so popular, but according to a post from the businesses they just recently delivered a custom-crafted building to Newark, Delaware!

These little sheds would be a fun addition to someone decorating for Halloween as a stand-in for a witch's house!

You can learn more about Dan and his business by heading to his website, where you can see some of his past projects and some of the things he wants you to know about the process of building his special sheds.

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