It seems to be more and more popular to give gift cards and cash as Christmas gifts.  I have nothing against them but it does seem a little impersonal.

I came across this cool article on Yahoo! that shares ways to make your gift cards and cash a little more personalized for the person you're giving it to.  I was surprised by how many fun, crafty ideas there are.  Now, this is probably meant for folks who are a little more prepared for the holidays than I am but still I'd give some of these a try.

My two favorite ideas are the $50 in the picture frame with text that says 'in case of emergency break glass.'  To me that's just funny and a cool way to spruce of a $50 bill.  I also love the idea of the snow globe gift card.  Snow globes intrigue me and again, it's just a more unique and fun way to give a gift card.

Do you have any cool ideas to spruce up cash and gift cards?