Are you a Singer? Writer? Musician? Painter?  I fall into this category myself. I can say that although I love to play music, paperwork?  Like business paperwork has never been fun for me. But! If someone just points me in the right direction, I can do it...I just wish it was easier. CAN be! Plus, you can look like a pro.

I recently discovered there are a lot of free business software out therefor Freelance Artists that can help those creative minds stay on the creative side; But some of them just don't make sense for artists, specifically.



However, after a comparison of many companies, I found one that I think rises above the others for ease of use, and customer satisfaction. The company is called AND.CO.  The software helps you keep track of your time, manage projects, create invoices and lots more, so you don't forget who has paid you and who hasnt, and it  even has  feature where you can get paid online...which is super important these days. Mailing a check? What is a CHECK?????

I was in the world can this software be FREE? I was impressed that they have no subscription fees, unlimited access to invoicing, and everything they offer. The only fee that you are charged is the transaction fee for the payment provider of choice that YOU choose.


I compared several other freelance needs with other software companies, but AND.CO had them all beat with five stars in Customer satisfaction areas, plus the free subscription and unlimited use was hard to beat.  Now if you are more of a small business owner, not a freelancer, the other sights may be a better fit for you. Other options included, Replicon Time, Clearview, and AccountSight. But only AND.CO was subscription free, easy to use for Freelancers, and had all five star ratings in customer service.

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