A former NFL doctor took to X, formerly known as Twitter, during the Vikings game yesterday and speculated that the injury Justin Jefferson suffered running a route might sideline the superstar wideout for some time. That's not the news Vikings fans want to hear.

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When I turned the game on around 5:30 last night the Minnesota Vikings were on offense, and I noticed that #18 wasn't on the field. I thought it was peculiar that he wasn't out on the field, but everyone needs a rest, so I didn't think much else about it until later on during the drive Justin Jefferson never came back onto the field.

I hadn't been watching the game so I wasn't sure what was going on, and then the camera panned to Jefferson on the sideline without a helmet, so I knew that wasn't good.

One former NFL doctor, who posts about injuries on X, formerly known as Twitter, felt that Jefferson's injury could potentially sideline him for a game or two. The team is currently sitting at 1-4, which is not great news for the purple faithful.

ProFootballDoc is David J Chao and according to his LinkedIn page, he is "a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, and he is the former Head Team Physician for San Diego Chargers."

The Doc's insights into JJ's injury is rather short, but does raise some questions.

Suffered right hamstring strain early in 4th quarter and did not return - tough to play through and potential for missed games - slipped on a route despite playing on turf field

It's the potential for missing games that will keep die-hard Vikings fans up at night. Hopefully, the injury is something that Jefferson can treat this week, and still make it out on the field this upcoming Sunday, as the offense surely needs him.

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