This NFL season has left Swifties in their happy place.  Like comedian Jo Koy said at the Golden Globe awards, "the big difference between the the Golden Globes and the NFL? At the Golden Globes we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift".  We saw the truth in that comment in last night's NFL playoff game between the Kansas City Cheifs and the Buffalo Bills.

Photo by Al Bello-Getty Images
Photo by Al Bello-Getty Images

Jo Koy has faced a lot of backlash about that joke, but he wasn't wrong.  Laughing at ourselves is something we should all be able to do and here in Minnesota there I feel like we've mastered that.  Between the accent, our hotdish obsession and frigid cold we get our fair share of jokes made about us.

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Some people can laugh at impressions of our Minnesota accent.  Others not so much.  I definitely am the former.  I guess I just don't take it personally.  An impression is just taking something someone or a group of people do and then taking it to the extreme.  And I have to say, Taylor Swift did just that. Not only with the accent, but with the topic as well.

When I saw this throwback interview with Taylor Swift and she volunteered to do her Minnesota Soccer Mom impression, I had to watch.  And then I laughed...a lot.  Let's be honest, she's spot on with this impression.

Looks like she is having quite the effect on Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs too.  Did you see his sweet nod to Taylor after his touchdown in the NFL Playoff game against the Buffalo Bills?  He made the heart hands and it seems Swifties are swooning everywhere.


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