It appears that most goodwill generated towards former Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins has disappeared, at least in terms of goodwill coming from the driftless area of Southern Minnesota. A popular Red Wing bakery has deemed Cousins 'dead' to them after Cousins posted on Instagram about Georgia doughnuts.

All right so this is more tongue-in-cheek than a real feud, at least from what we can tell on social media.

The Hanisch Bakery in Red Wing posted on X yesterday that the former QB for the Purple and Gold was 'dead' to them after Cousins posted a picture of him holding a container of doughnuts from Southern Maid.

This man is ☠️☠️☠️ to us. We thought we had something special Kirk

The bakery, which is famous for its doughnuts, also posted a liked social media post from Cousins when he first arrived in Minnesota and he visited the area.  

He said we were his new favorite, The Lie Detector determined that was Lie!!

I shouldn't be too surprised by this internet feud. For years bakeries and QBs have been creating turnovers.

The Hanisch Bakery does have some real online cred as it's been a perennial winner of Best of Minnesota awards.

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According to the bakery's X page, "Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop has repeatedly been Voted one of the, if not THE BEST Bakery and Donuts in Minnesota!! Get Out and Explore Red Wing, Minnesota!!"

The bakery has been around in some form or fashion since 1961 when it first opened in Red Wing as the Pirius Bakery.

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