Who needs a limo rental when you can use a fire truck?! Over the weekend Forest Lake Fire and Rescue saved the local high school prom! As a huge blizzard was making its way across Minnesota a bunch of teens were trying to get ready for their prom, worried that they wouldn't have anywhere to take pictures. Forest Lake Fire and Rescue was nice enough to open the doors to their fire hall for families and students to come take their pictures.

They encouraged everyone to share their message across social media and also posted:

We would like to thank all of the students that showed up and allowed us to be a part of their special day. Have a safe night tonight!


The hashtag they made to go with the event was #BlizzardProm which seemed to be very fitting given the circumstances. Even though these teens didn't have ideal weather for their big day, they still got some pretty cool memories out of it. This event was even covered by Yahoo Lifestyle! Check out the video below!

St. Cloud got hit by this blizzard too!

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