There once was a time, not that long ago, when a snow day meant a free day for kids. I can still remember sitting in the kitchen listening to the radio and anxiously waiting for the radio DJ to announce my school's name on the closure list. My friends and I would rejoice, join up at a sledding hill, or go have a snowball fight. Snow days were something magical that didn't come around a lot for us, despite the fact that our winters were more brutal than they are now.

That was back in the '90s. Fast forward to today, and my kids are sitting at home doing virtual assignments and meeting with their teachers on class calls today. We got the call last night from Superior School District that today would be a virtual learning day. Apparently, there are still some roads and issues outside of town for the bus route following this week's storm.

We also learned that we already used up the two snow days allocated by the School District. Sure, they could add more, but that would mean that the school year would be extended further into the summer, and nobody wants that.

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So here we are. Our first snowstorm has used up all the free days for the kids.

I suppose you could blame this new virtual learning at-home development on COVID-19. We had to adjust and the kids needed to learn from home for basically an entire school year. What a tough time that was, right parents?

To be honest, the kids were just fine with staying home for virtual learning. As long as they don't have to put socks on and leave the house, they're happy as can be. I still don't understand why these kids won't wear socks.

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