A video shared to Facebook shows a multi-vehicle pileup and fire that happened on I-94 in Monticello Thursday morning.

My wife and I had a meeting at our church in Monticello this morning. As we drove there from Rogers about 7:45am -- the snow coming down hard and blizzard-like -- I remember thinking, "This is dangerous...if someone's not careful, someone could get hurt." As it turns out, we may have just escaped serious harm ourselves. As we left our meeting an hour later, we could see traffic on I-94 East and West at a complete standstill and dark smoke billowing from what we could only assume was a vehicle fire.

A video since shared to Facebook by Jose Luis Acuna Del Valle of Big Lake reveals just how scary the situation actually was.

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The video is filmed from Jose's own vehicle as he drives East on I-94. As he passes under the Fenning Avenue Bridge on the East side of Monticello, multiple emergency vehicles and tow trucks come into view, and a plume of dark smoke billows into the cold sky. As he continues passing, the beginning of a pileup can be seen, starting with what looks like an 18-wheeler semi truck. More semis and other passenger vehicles come into view, many of them smashed and stuck in-between other vehicles. Finally, the cause of the smoke comes into view -- one or even two semi trucks that caught fire and are still burning hotly.

As of earlier this morning, WJON could not report if there had been any injuries. By 2:00pm Thursday afternoon, Jose's video had been shared over 12k times on Facebook.

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