Burger King's Black Slushies Will Turn Your Poop Weird Colors

Weird things happening to poop is hilarious. I believe that I'll never grow out of that.

Burger King is serving Black Slushies called "Scary Black Cherry," which sounds like something you say three times into a mirror and then get drenched with aged cherry coke. But it's not, it's food stuff.

And it's turning poop blue, black, and green.

And yes: it turns your teeth, tongue, and mouth BLACK.

"None more black?" Getty Images

Source: Delish

Zombie Skittles That Will Taste Like Rotten Zombies (As Opposed to Fresh Zombies)

When I think Skittles I think about sweetness, sore jaws, and the need to brush my teeth. But I've never encountered a disgusting Skittle.

Skittles is actively trying to change that.

For the Halloween season, Skittles has released Zombie Skittles. Cool, right? Except when you read the caption underneath the logo and it says, "Most taste delicious but some taste like Rotten Zombie. Dare to try?"


Remember Beanboozled from a few years ago? Skittles is trying to do exactly that. Most of the candies taste like candy with a select few tasting like hot garbage.

Hard pass.


Source: Bustle