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Coon Rapids Burger King Workers Smash Out Windows [Video]
A prank caller phoned a Burger King in Coon Rapids last night, saying that he was a firefighter -- and that dangerous levels of gas had built up in the restaurant. He instructed the manager to have his employees smash out all the windows to let the gas escape. So of course, they did.
Fast Food Delivery Could Soon be For Real
When you have no time to prepare dinner, it's to cold to leave the house to get dinner, you're to lazy to cook, or you just have no idea what to make, you order in, right? Delivery service is one of those things that just makes life easier. Now someone else is jumping on the delivery b…
Burger King Kills Its King
Burger democratists, rejoice: As of this weekend, the creepy Burger King mascot, “the King,”  is officially dead.
Concurrent with the release of the guacamole topped California Whopper, Burger King’s new advertising agency of record McGarryBowen has …