I wondered how long it would be before airlines started to suspend in-flight booze service on their flights. With all the knot heads causing trouble on flights, causing many flights to land at the nearest airport and have federal marshals remove the troublemakers.

I don't remember this happening much before air travel started to ramp up after the COVID-19 virus seemed to be under control.  Sure there was an incident here or there but nothing like we hear about now.

Alcohol combined with whiny passengers complaining and sometimes refusing to wear their face masks. According to a USA TODAY article Southwest was the first airline to quit serving alcohol on flights at the beginning of the pandemic. Unruly passengers was the main reason flight attendants pushed for the ban.

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Southwest planned to resume selling alcohol in late June but the troublemakers made them reconsider because they recently announced that in flight alcoholic beverages will no longer be served on flights until at least the middle of January, 2022.

The June plan to start serving in-flight was reconsidered and scrapped after a violent altercation on a flight in May. An unruly passenger assaulted a flight attendant on a flight from Sacramento to San Diego. The flight attendant had two teeth knocked out and required stitches for her injuries.

"Given the recent uptick in industry-wide incidents of passenger disruptions in-flight, we have made the decision to pause the previously announced restart of alcohol service onboard,'' Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz said at the time. "We realize this decision may be disappointing for some customers, but we feel this is the right decision at this time in the interest of the safety and comfort of all customers and crew onboard.''

It's a shame that a very few aren't adult enough to behave on a flight and in the process ruining it for everyone else. Just wear the mask or stay home, that simple.

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