Flying has changed a little since I last went on an airplane a few years ago. If you plan to fly anytime soon, check this out. Great tips from our frequent flyer here at the station!

Yes, 2 hours is still recommended. As Chad said, there was a problem with his tickets and it took his family almost 2 hours to get boarded. Considering the TSA is doing more full searches than ever, I'd say prep for that and get there early.

What I don't like is the way airlines like to nickel and dime us by charging for bags that used to be included in the ticket price. Great idea about rolling your clothes in your carry-on bag!

My wife and I are flying to Las Vegas in a couple weeks. I hate flying, mostly because of being that high in the sky and all that can go wrong. Knowing these few things might make every other part of flying less stressful.

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