The 4th of July holiday has arrived and with that, this is just a reminder from the Executive Director of the Tri-County Humane Society, that pets can have a tough time with our fireworks celebrations.

Merit reminds us that this time of year can be tough for pets. "Many get stressed by the sounds of fireworks and firecrackers, some so much that they bolt from their homes," Merit said.

We've got a few tips that should help your furry friends get through the next month or so, but especially over the 4th of July holiday.

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Even if your pet likes to be outside, it's best to keep them indoors during 4th of July events. We all want to show off our pets, but! Fireworks won’t be the same experience for them that it is for you. Make sure that you keep your doors and windows closed so your dog doesn't get scared and run out of your home.


Take your dog for a walk during the day so they are ready to rest at night.
Make sure your pets are wearing collars with ID tags. Pets adopted from TCHS are usually microchipped, which is the most reliable and permanent form of identification, but your pet could be returned to you even quicker if they are wearing a tag that includes your phone number. (By the way, TCHS sells customized engraved dog tags for $5.00 + tax if you need one! If you have a pet that's not microchipped yet, TCHS also can get your pet microchipped for around $20.


Create a safe spot for pets at home. Relaxing music,a fan, or maybe a tv playing can help minimize the loud booms happening outside. This may help soothe animals’ anxieties while the fireworks go off.


Realize that some pets will get destructive around the home due to stress caused by fireworks; so you may want to keep valuables out of reach and try to “pet-proof” your home as much as possible.


Want to help your pet stay soothed during the fireworks season? Try Feliway (for cats) and Adaptil (for dogs), sold in the TCHS Re-Tail Shoppe. I've tried both for my pets and they do seem to help them.

These non-drug methods mimic an animal’s happy pheromones and can ease their anxious feelings.


We hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does, please contact TCHS at 320-252-0896 immediately to make a lost report. "The state-mandated stray time is five business days, which goes by fast. After that, they are placed up for adoption as we don’t have the space to hold animals indefinitely," Merit said.


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