A Sartell resident received a call from someone claiming to be an officer with the Sartell Police department earlier this week. The caller claimed to be 'Officer Alan Barry', who was calling to let the resident know they were a possible victim of identify theft linked to a crime in Texas. The caller ID also displayed 'Sartell Police'.

The caller knew the resident's full name, address and phone number. As the conversation progressed, the resident started to realize something wasn't right. Once the call was over, the resident decided to reach out to the Sartell Police Department via email to verify the claims.

As it turns out, no one named 'Alan Barry' works for the Sartell Police Department.

The resident's email states, "I was able to avoid the scam but I just wanted to inform someone that Sartell residents are being targeted."

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This scam call prompted the Sartell Police Department to warn residents to be careful because someone is posing as their department.

The Tri-County Crime Stoppers of Minnesota also shared Sartell PD's Facebook post and offered up some safety tips of their own, "question everything when someone calls you asking for any information. In this case, we would recommend the person hang up and look up the Sartell PD phone number and ask to speak with this officer."

They also warned never to call any phone numbers that the scammers give you.

If you are a possible victim of fraud, a scam or have had a similar call, you're asked to reach out to your local police department.

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