I felt like I lived in a much happier place about 6 months ago.  Meaning...the world that I live in.  I went to the grocery store...I smiled at people...they smiled back. I went to the gas station..I smiled at people...they smiled back. I went anywhere...I always smile at people because it is a friendly gesture. Now I'm wondering...Is it ever coming back?

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If I've offended anyone by not wearing a mask in a grocery store....or to the gas pump; I'm apologizing. I try to keep my distance from you, and stay in my lane, so to speak. I try to not get close to anyone. I wear masks when I'm required to in places that say I must. I also want to say to those people who are offended by me and others who don't always wear a mask, I really didn't mean to offend you, or put you in any kind of danger.

I had a discussion yesterday with a close friend that is older than me, and it made me realize her point of view. She said that young people really don't think about what they are doing..They don't care that an older person can get sick. They just go about their business as if none of this is happening.  It made me rethink what I should be doing to care for those people who still need to get out, but DO need to be more cautious.

I hope that we find ourselves in a world that is better once we come out on the other side. In the meantime, if you aren't going to wear a mask, please remain a safe distance away from people who need you to step back, and think about their lives as well as your own.  I will too. Please stay home if you think there is any possibility that you could be ill, and be prepared to take action if you find it necessary.


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