Life is exhausting! So why make it worse when you don't have to?

Forbes has some tips on energy-draining habits that we need to break NOW.

Energy Drains That You Need To Drop NOW

#1: Always Worrying
Stuff happens, often no matter what we try to do about it.

#2: Constantly Checking Social Media
Have you noticed that social media is a dumpster fire of negativity? No? Well, it is.

#3: Taking Things Personally
An actual knife in your back is grounds for being offended. Let more things just roll off your back, because burdens are exhausting to carry.


#4: Unhealthy Relationships
Being friends or lovers with the wrong person is an energy drain. Toxic people spread their misery.

#5: Sitting in the Passenger Seat of Your Life
Life - despite literally being the longest experience we'll ever have - is short. Too short to just tag along all the time. Take control of your life!

Energy is a finite resource and coffee can't always zap us back to life. Take care of yourself! Get more tips for human energy savings at Forbes.

H/T: Forbes

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