Law enforcement across the state of Minnesota are continuing to crack down on distracted driving.

On Wednesday afternoon a handful of Eagan Police officers hopped on a school bus to improve their vantage point over traffic and watch for distracted drivers. When the distracted drivers were spotted, the officers aboard the bus radioed other officers in more than a dozen nearby squad cars, who would then pull the distracted motorist over.


Kare 11 reported that the operation happened in the area of Yankee Doodle and Pilot Knob Roads, and in total Eagan Police made 131 traffic stops, wrote 60 citations, and arrested one driver for operating under the influence.

The big reason for doing this is the alarming amount of bust stop arm violations. Bus drivers are reporting anywhere from 8 - 18 stop arm violations a day, putting kids on the bus at risk because of distracted driving.

With the success of this operation Eagan Police are hoping to host another "Busted By The Bus" some time in the next school year. Who knows it might just even catch on in other communities as well!

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