Vikre Distillery in the Canal Park area of Duluth is using the resources they have to benefit the community. They are using the alcohol they make to create, and give away, hand sanitizer.

In an interview with the Startribune, David Moreira the cocktail room manager said:

“We’re giving people an option — I know a lot of places are out of it. It’s not cheap, but it is worth it and in the best interest of everyone. We’re going to get through all this together.”

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The spray-able sanititzer they are making is 70% alcohol, which is more than the 60% standard set by federal guidelines. They started giving it away on Monday, asking people to bring their own containers. Businesses were allowed to call ahead and get gallon pails of it.

Just another great example of communities coming together in times of need and helping out neighbors in any way possible.

*While hand sanitizer is great when you are on the go, the Center for Disease Control reminds everyone that washing your hands with warm soapy water for 20 seconds is still the best way to keep your hands clean and germ free.

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