Some people have weird relaxation techniques.

Utah is trying to be Florida, if even for a moment.

Meet Siosifa Lolohea (not the guy in the picture above). Sio likes vodka. Apparently, Sio likes to share, too. So he threw two empty vodka bottles through a glass door...of the Orem, Utah police station. Orem is about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City.

So what's a guy to do after breaking into a police department? Meditate!


Sio sat right down in the lobby and started meditating. That's not a metaphor for something dirty, he decided the best thing to do at the moment was get in touch with his inner self.

Or something.

Unfortunately for Sio there were a few cops still at the station doing paperwork. When they approached Sio, he said that he drank ALL the vodka in those two bottles, and was at the station looking for Jesus.

The dilation in his pupils suggested he was also on drugs. SHOCKER!

On top of it all, Sio was ticked off at the cops for interrupting his "meditation."

They gave him a better place to meditate (a jail cell, duh) and charged him with criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and drugs.

After Googling his name, it turns out he has a messed-up history in that town.

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