Walmart is going to be bringing their customers and internet browsers a 'better shopping experience'  by sharing the data from people who visit Walmart.com and use their Walmart App. Does that sound like a positive to you?!

This is not completely new to Walmart as they have already been sharing your data with their suppliers to let them know what customers are purchasing their products. Walmart is probably not the only company already doing that, right?

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But now, through a new product called 'Digital Landscapes," they are going to be sharing information about customer 'behavior' much sooner, including details about those people who browse items, maybe put a few things in their shopping cart, but never follow through with the final purchase.


'Digital Landscapes,' is part of a bigger program called Walmart Luminate, and Walmart says that this is going to make the shopping experience online better for customers. Is that possible? To make things better for customers AND the big companies they are trying to convince to spend more money with them?

They are going to be rolling out their full program as the summer progresses, but how do you feel about it?


I think we all realize that 'the internet is listening to us'. Every time I say something random about a grill, a cruise, or recipes; sure enough, within hours if not minutes, I've got ads popping up all over my social media trying to get me to purchase a trip, showing me pictures of the best recipes in the world, and yes; even cruise information for trip destinations all over the world.

Part of me wants to just keep on shopping and ignore the fact that the internet probably knows my shopping habits better than I know them myself. The other part of me says, stop shopping online altogether and just go to the store; but convenience is a huge part of our lives now. How do you feel about big companies sharing your data and shopping habits?


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