I was looking at bugs yesterday climbing up and down my tree just for the heck of it...and noticed this tiny little dot on the tree. I looked at it a few times, thinking it was just a blemish of the tree...then I started looking at it closer.

I couldn't get a good look at it, so I took a picture with my phone camera and enlarged it, and wow! I was shocked to see how interesting it was. But..what is it?

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So I took my picture to the internet this morning and went online trying to decipher what this tiny little thing is. It's probably the size of a dot earring...maybe the size of a small pearl...but still. smaller. So small in fact, that I couldn't see it's fantastic colors or anything with my own eyes.

If I go back outside today, and actually see the bug that emerges from this cocoon-ish looking spot on my tree, I might be able to find out what the bug actually is. Insectidentification.org, is a website that lets you type in a variety of information, including what state you are in, the main colors of the insect, how many legs it has, and other identifying questions.

You begin by choosing the general shape of the insect comparable to shapes they provide for you to look at.


If my kids were little, I would totally take them out in the backyard, and start taking photos of different insects, and come back in the house and figure out what they are. It's a great way to educate your kids about our surroundings, and get them out of the house!


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