It was 25 years ago today that Minnesota got dumped on with a massive amount of ice and snow. If you don't remember it clearly, here's a recap of these awful couple days.

Most of us in the state were celebrating the Minnesota Twins winning the 1991 World Series and getting ready for a chilly Halloween. Super storms were brewing over the Atlantic Ocean (1991 Perfect Storm) and word was that we could get some cold/wet weather.

The morning of Halloween, we surely got that cold/ the form of ice to start, then snow, leaving almost zero visibility. It was hard to believe what we were seeing. On the 29th it was 65 degrees, then suddenly the following day the high temp was 32 degrees. At about 12 noon on Thursday, the 31st, snow started falling. By midnight we ended up with over 8 inches of snow, and it had just started.

By Friday, November 1st, much more snow fell in the overnight, causing most of the schools and businesses to close in the state, over 900 of them. Temperatures kept falling as well as the arctic front rolled in, with a high temp in the teens.

On Saturday, November 2nd, a blizzard warning was issued for much of Minnesota and temps started to drop more. The next day the high temp was 3 below zero.

The entire state was blanketed with record snowfall, and Duluth got the worst of it with nearly 37 inches of snow by the time it was finished.

Enjoy clear skies and 45 tonight. It will be a great autumn evening to be outside trick or treating, without having to wear a winter jacket.

Source: MN DNR

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