In August of 2015 there was a search helicopter over St. Cloud spotlighting 2 objects in the sky. Did you see these, and what were they? Here's the video capturing it.

The video was taken in East St. Cloud, showing a helicopter that seemed to be attempting to identify up to 2 bright flying objects not far away. They were in the sky for a long period of time, then suddenly disappeared.

I'd have remembered if this was a big story only a year and a half ago, so all I can conclude is there was something concerning enough to send a search chopper in the sky for a decent amount of time, and the government didn't say anything about what it was.

In researching what this could have been about, I came across an interesting read with video, about the FBI confirming that UFO's and aliens have been confirmed in the past. The link is below:

If you saw this same search around 10pm on August 21, 2015 please comment below about what you saw.

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