Sunblock is a Minnesota summer essential, just like a pair of sunglasses or a cold beverage -- but you may have been applying it wrong your whole life?

Mercola just shared the best and worst sunscreens, and with it they shared the proper way to apply sunblock! Turns out I have been skipping a couple steps. Here is the step by step guide:

  1. Shake the sunblock - You're going to want to make sure all the active ingredients are all mixed together evenly.
  2. Only apply the recommended amount - About 1 teaspoon per body part as a general rule.
  3. Reapply every 2 hours or after being in the water - Even if it says it is waterproof!
  4. Avoid spray on sunscreens - They are really risky to inhale and they don't give an even coverage. They still need to be rubbed in!
  5. Don't use sunscreen in hot areas -  Being in a really hot place like your car can speed up the break down of active ingredients and cause the lotion to not work properly.

Mercola also recommends sticking to sunscreens that have 30-50 SPF ratings. Ratings above 50 tend to not mean much and just give you a false sense of security. This weekend we are looking at sunny skies and a high near 100! Make sure the sunscreen is ready!

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