So much this...don't to that...don't do that. Quarantine Fatigue.If you've sort of found yourself going back to the way things used to be...beware.  You are probably going through what's really called "Quarantine Fatigue."

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Quarantine Fatigue is when your brain has taken in all the information it can; it has been put on high alert. It has warned your body to be prepared for terrible things to happen. You are are in protective mode...You do what you can to protect you and those around you.

A couple weeks later, your brain starts getting tired of all this. It starts saying, "Hey; I don't know anyone that has been sick or passed away like I heard. I feel good.  I feel safe."  Your brain starts lightening the stress load; especially since all the information we are getting isn't coming from a person; it's coming from social media...which also makes everything seem a little less important.


In an article I read on CNN.COM, since fear is no longer the motivation, we are being encouraged to look for other ways to remember that this is no joke, and that the threat is still very real...for all of us.

The article says, we should ask ourselves,"What is the reward I get for the choices that I make, relative to what I'm giving up?"  Maybe the reward is you won't spread the disease to your parents? Your children? Your best friend? Your lover? In the real world, this is possible. Be vigalent; don't let up. Let's beat this pandemic by remembering it's still lurking out there.

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