I've got a cat and a dog. I've never dressed them up in costumes, but it might be fun this year. What do you think I should dress them up as? Maybe a dynamic duo of some kind. Batman and Robin? Who should be who?   I gotta say, there's really nothing cuter than this little kitty vampire...wait...I thought I  hated vampires? I guess not kitten vampires.


Rebel Circus/Facebook

What about this dog? Adorable or what? If I had a dog like this he might just stay in costume. I wonder if they get a different attitude when they dress up?



Obviously, this kitty is not too happy about being a cute sailor. But I love the costume.

Mona Lisa Pet Salon/Facebook

This could be Sampson. He'd make an adorable bumble bee.



Cat it the hat. Literally.


Petlovers Closet/Facebook

I guess I should really go for the Star Wars theme at my house. Maybe Mr. Bean could dress up like Yoda, and Sam could dress up like Chewbacca?