UNDATED -- Living in Minnesota means frozen lakes and rivers in the winter and you've probably heard tips on what to do if you fall through the ice to get yourself back out to safety. But, what if you're called into action to save someone else from icy waters?

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the first thing you should do is shout out to the person to fight to survive and reassure them help is on the way. After calling 911, resist the urge to run to them.


Next, DNR spokeswoman Lisa Dugan says to look for a tree branch, rope, or jumper cables to throw or extend to them. You can also look for a small boat to push out ahead of you and use that to pull them in over the bow.

However, if you're unable to use these techniques, Dugan says it's important to put your own safety first to prevent two victims who need to be rescued from frigid waters.  Keep yelling to them until help arrives.

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