If you own a business, and you have owned the business for several years, you should be able to paint a mural on the side of your building, right?  That is, as long as there aren't any obvious things painted that shouldn't be seen by the general public.  I'm referring to things like nudity or profanity.  Obviously this wouldn't be ok.

But, let's say you painted a mural on the side of your building that was showing diversity and a stand against any sort of racism.  Would that be ok?  You would think it would be.  Consider what is now at "George Floyd Square". There is a giant fist made of what I believe is iron.  That's ok, right?  It's still there.  That is essentially what was painted on the side of a salon called Hairdo or Dye in the small town of Rush City.

The salon owners painted several fists in the air representing all races.  There are also some flowers painted at the bottom of the mural.  It stands for diversity and also a stand against racism and promoting unity.  What could possibly be the problem with that?

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Well, the city didn't like it and ordered that they paint over the mural.  They gave them some time, and if it hasn't been completed within that time frame, the couple would be fined.

KARE 11 interviewed the couple and they stated that the city does not have an ordinance against it, and the city replied that unless they explicitly state that it IS ok, that it isn't ok.  That seems confusing.

Someone even stated that if the salon had painted a mural on the side of the building that had to do with the salon, like a hairdryer, that no one would have had an issue with it.  Which is probably true.

The couple is hoping that they can prevent the fine. There has been a "Save the Wall" petition started on social media.  This is a social media event happening on Saturday where people can voice their support of the mural.

Saturday is the deadline, at the same time as the event.  So, stay tuned.

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