One of my families favorite places on earth has re-opened. Disney World opened their doors with new guidelines in place on July 7th. From what I've read from people who have been able to attend since the re-opening, it's definitely not "THE OLD" Disney...but did we really expect it to be? Can you imagine how Disney would be portrayed in the news if they just opened their doors to millions of people as before? Yeah..I don't think that would have been a good idea.  So if you've been planning a family vacation to Disney, there might be some silver lining in your trip.


Right now, you CAN visit Disney's Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom; but if you were wanting to go to Epcot, or visit the Hollywood Studios, you'll have to wait just a little while longer.  In the parks that ARE open, most of the rides are operational; but the food choices and water booths are limited at this time.

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Not that parades are a make or break vacation; but if you want to see a great parade, Disney does parades like no other place on earth. If not seeing a parade isn't raining on yours, then you won't be bothered by the fact that the parades are on hold indefinitely at this time.

Also you may not be able to meet your favorite characters up close and personal; however; you may see the characters waving from safe distances, which in a way..can add to the excitement rather than take away from it; if you ask me.


Sorry folks. Bandana's will not count as masks at Disney World. You'll need a face mask that attaches behind your ears, and the only time you can take it off is if you are in a pool, or eating or drinking; other than that, you must wear your mask.


There are some hotels on site that you can book right now, and some restaurants are open. Captain Cooks is a grab and go type of service and is open, but if you'd like to sit down for a meal you can visit Kona Cafe. There are other options open as well.


That's the question right? There are sanitization wipes available all over the grounds, which put you in control of cleaning a table, a chair, before you sit. I think that's great. It's up to you to take care of your area; and then it leaves nothing to question. If you cleaned your area, you know it's clean.   Disney knows how to make a vacation magical. Ticket prices have NOT been reduced, so you'll still have to pay full price. However, if you'd like to go to Disney and enjoy less wait time in lines? It might be a good time to go! Just don't be disappointed if your favorite kingdom isn't open right now. Know what your getting before you make the trip. My will still be the most magical trip you've ever experienced.

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