Humans just crave the unknown, it's in our DNA. From Magellan's sailing around the world, Lewis & Clark's expedition, to unmanned missions in space looking for signs of life elsewhere, we seem to seek out the unknown. One unknown, at least for some of us, is Bigfoot aka Sasquatch. It appears someone may have just caught one on camera!

The video comes from Baxter, no not Baxter Minnesota, but Baxter Tennessee. The video shows a silhouette of an upright walking creature with glowing eyes hanging out on the edge of a forest/tree line. The unknown creature glides between trees, with arms that seemingly stretch the gap of the trees, and then seemingly crouches down, after the unknown creature crouches the camera turns.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM & Twitter User @BigfootEvidence
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM & Twitter User @BigfootEvidence

The video I saw on Twitter was shared by @BigfootEvidence and doesn't have any sound. So it's unclear if the person filming heard a noise from behind them, or if something was thrown in their direction to distract them from what they were recording.

While Bigfoot, or if you prefer to call them Sasquatch, sightings aren't rare in Minnesota, as there have been numerous sightings reported to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, with the more recent being reported in St. Louis County in 2020, catching one on video doesn't really seem to happen.

So was this phantom-looking creature a bigfoot caught on camera, or just an elaborate hoax? You decide, personally, I think it might be Ol' Sassy lurking about, waiting for the cover of darkness to grab a bite to eat.

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