Winstock, held annually in Winsted Minnesota, was pretty miserable for campers this year due to all the rain. The Country Music Festival brought in some tremendous artists to Winstock this year like Jason Aldean, Russell Dickerson, Jon Pardi, and Cole Swindell. Leaving the festival is where some 'scammers' took advantage of attendees stuck in the mud.

According to the Winstock social media page, scammers took advantage of those stuck in the mud, asking for large sums of money to be pulled out.

Winstock fans - as we've mentioned, we greatly appreciate local farmers who assisted in getting campers out of the Winstock grounds last weekend!

However, it's come to our attention that some "opportunists" came to the grounds and may have taken advantage of our fan base, charging an exorbitant amount to assist fans with exiting the campgrounds. Please note that the farmers Winstock works with are volunteers and will never set a price or demand payment.

Tips are certainly appreciated to the drivers to cover some of the cost of gas, fuel, and equipment expenses. However this is something we are happy to provide our fan base to help them safely get out of the campgrounds - and to not have to pay any more than they are comfortable with.

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We apologize to the fans that this happened to, and we will work to ensure this doesn't happen again in the years to come, even though we are hopeful for a few dry years now following this one!

All of the volunteer farmers/equipment operators at Winstock didn't seek payment, but some campers felt the need to tip these good samaritans for pulling them and their campers out of the water-logged and muddy campsites.

It's great to hear about some Minnesota Nice from the legit volunteers, but disappointing that some people would take advantage of those in need.

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