If you're going to Winstock this weekend, be sure to show up early to the concert area on Saturday. Country singer Stephen Paul is first on the main stage after the National Anthem, and he's bringing the 90s country sound with him.

Stephen Paul grew up in Monroe, Louisiana (the same place the show Duck Dynasty takes place) and has been in the music industry in Nashville for the past eight years. He said he performs anywhere from 100-200 shows in a given year and just looking at his tour schedule on his website, you can tell he is a busy man.

Stephen took some time to chat with 98.1 Minnesota's New Country ahead of his first time performing in Minnesota and shared that a lot of his inspiration for his music comes from 90s country music, which we are all huge fans of around these parts. His new single "South Up North" is influenced by the sound and he said he is looking forward to seeing how the crowd reacts to it this weekend.

Check out our exclusive interview with Stephen Paul below, and catch him on the main stage at Winstock at 12:30 pm Saturday, June 18th opening for Neal McCoy, Jameson Rogers, Gary Allen, Brother's Osborne, and Tim McGraw.

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