Last night's storms produced hail, winds, rain, even a tornado - but did it also dump frogs from the sky?

The only reason I ask is because Monday night I was out on my deck and in my back yard and not one peep. Last night after the storms I go home to a symphony orchestra of frogs in the runoff pond behind my house.

Did the thunder and lightening wake these frogs up? Were they born from the hail that came through? Or did they just simply fall from the sky?

I went home today at lunch to grab something and low and behold the chorus continues in my back yard. Now, it's not that I mind the sounds of spring, but WOW they are loud. The thing that makes me so curious is the fact that they suddenly appeared after the storm. One night not one peep, the next night hundreds of frogs squawking non-stop. It's just weird to me I suppose.

Anyone have an explanation or a reason why this happened? Please share below!