Next season the Minnesota Timberwolves will be under new ownership, a partnership between Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez, and other investors. Last night on Bally Sports North, before the Minnesota Timberwolves took on the San Antonio Spurs, AROD was being interviewed by the always gracious Marney Gellner. It was what AROD said that had Twitter retweeting the interview. See if you can catch the moment people were talking about.

While it is GREAT to see what Marc, Alex, and the other investors are doing to put a competitive club on the floor night in and night out and that they are standing by and paying coaches and players who WANT to win in Minnesota. But I have to admit, I still see AROD in pinstripes and as a Minnesota sports fan I have a hard time with that. After all, it was the Yankees that always ended the Twins' postseason.

Other than that small gaff, AROD was saying all the right things and looking like someone who wants to keep the Timberwolves here in Minnesota.


When the Wolves announced who would be buying the team from the current longtime owner, Glen Taylor, there was some speculation that the team wouldn't be in Minnesota for long as Seattle and Las Vegas are looking for possibly NBA teams in the near future.

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