I don't know exactly what kind of sickness I caught but I had something nasty and have been out for two days. I suffer from seasonal allergies and thought maybe that was the source of my sickness. No such luck. Something is going around and my entire family has it right now.

Yesterday, I watched Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, and a Deal Or No Deal marathon. Being sick is the absolute worst--especially when no one is home to take care of you! I had to fend for myself most of the day yesterday...needless to say I was happy when my fiance brought home more cold medicine, soup and my favorite crunch bars. It was a heaven send!

I'm still not 100 percent today but I'm hanging in there! I'm trying not to get anyone else sick. Pete has been taking some precautions this morning with gloves and hand sanitizer. He even went as far as making a homemade mask to wear. I can't make fun of him because I'd probably do the same thing if roles were reversed!

Stay healthy my friends! It's finally starting to get nice outside and the last thing you want to be is sick!


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