Why is no one talking about this issue?

Dementia and Alzheimer's are serious diseases that start affecting us as early as our 20s; and without early intervention, you or those you love could be on a direct path to some form of dementia at an early age.

Are your prescription medications causing side effects that might be causing dementia-like symptoms? It's quite possible. Some prescription drugs can cause side effects that you need to know about.  This will be just one of the topics of discussion when you attend the Care-Givers Conference.

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Make plans now to attend this conference and arm yourself with knowledge when it comes to Dementia. Whether we like it or not, many of us start as part-time caregivers for our parents, grandparents, or even our spouses, not realizing that eventually, this may become a full-time job; and having knowledge on how to help yourself and those you love that may suffer from some form of dementia, can make the journey much easier and maybe even less stressful in the future.


This October 26th, 2023, you and your friends can attend the D-Can Fall Dementia Care-Giver's Conference which will be taking place at the River's Edge Convention Center. The event will be taking place on Wednesday, October 26th from 8 am until 4 pm. Here is a list of the important things you will be learning about:

  • Where to find local caregiver resources
  • Legal Aid and assistance
  • Help with Estate Planning for yourself or a loved one
  • How to take care of the caregiver, not just the patient
  • Learning the practice of 'Mindfulness"
  • Understanding the effects of prescription medications on your mental health

Registration will be available on the day of the conference.  You can also check back later this summer by clicking HERE.

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