I'm not sure which one of these delicious items I would pick for myself for Valentine's Day, so I might just call them and get one of each. These delicious Valentine's treats are available while supplies last.

Pictured above is a jumbo Raspberry Champaign Cupcake with Chocolate ganache and gold dusted chocolate heart and raspberry for $6. Below you'll see the most beautiful heart shaped sugar cookie, that's been dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled with pistachio's and rose petals. How beautiful $4.

Jules Bistro
Jules Bistro

The offers are good while supplies last.. and my guess is... they won't last long!

I always want to do something special for the people that I love, and the made from scratch items I can make at home, or the made from scratch items I can find from our local businesses always show those that I love how special they are.

While you're visiting Jule's Bistro picking up your tasty treats, you can also get a piece of Kindness Cake, which benefits a local charity each month. You can buy a piece of Kindness Cake for $20 with $13 of that going to the charity featured that particular month, or you can buy a whole cake for $136 and $83 will go to this months charity: Indy: I'm Not Done Yet.

This year, it's especially important for you to show those that you love them, that you really do! They can't see you, you can't see them, so if you can, show them that they are important.

Get your delicious treats from Jule's by calling 320.252.7125.


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