I still vividly remember anticipating a big snowfall while in grade school. The night before you knew it was coming, and you would wake up the following morning waiting patiently for your school's name to scroll across the bottom of the news channel saying you had a surprise day off. Even better was the two-hour delay that turned into a full-blown snow day.

That joy is something kids in Minnesota might not experience anymore. Not because systems are automated now and kids get a text when school is closed, but because COVID-19 has shifted our world so much that snow days might be a thing of the past.

The past spring schools across Minnesota had to switch to a "distance learning" format where classes were all online for 2.5 months. It was a learning curve for both faculty and students, but with a few months to plan over the summer, teachers are prepared for that scenario once again as the school year approaches. If kids can learn from home, why can't they do so on a day that they are snowed in?

Switching on and off from in-person to online learning could be a tricky situation depending on the student and class, and I'm guessing nothing is set in stone yet. Much like everything else in 2020, the situation is evolving and fluid. Plus snow days are called by each individual district so I'm sure it will be situational.

I just hope kids get snow days. The technology we have is wonderful and has totally changed how kids learn, but snow days are a staple to Minnesota childhood experience. They deserve to be enjoyed.

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