Today is National Cat Day; not to be confused with National Give Your Cat A Hug Day, or National Pet Day; It's a day to recognize these beautiful animals, and find homes for those that don't have one.

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I was speaking with my friend Vicki Davis from Tri County Humane Society last week, and she introduced me to a cat named Kelly!  Kelly was a little love bucket. I could easily become that person that has a house full of cats; but I'm trying to be a responsible pet owner; that means making sure your pet has it's shots, has quality food, a clean litter box, lots of love and a healthy environment.


I have two cats; but could have 3! If you love cats, now is the time of year that there are lots of kitties needing to find their forever home. TCHS has many for you to choose from. The best news is; you don't have to worry about contributing to the overpopulation of cats, because all of the cats, male and female, are fixed before they ever leave.

My cats have great personalities. Mr. Bean wakes me up every morning at 4 am. He knows when I'm supposed to be out of bed.  He lightly scratches my face each and every morning to wake me up..but not before sleeping with me for about 3 hours..all snuggled up under my chin.

Pnuema is my son Drew's new cat. She loves me too. She is more independent. She picks her food up with her paw to eat it; she sleeps at the end of my bed, but if I'm watching TV in the living room, she is snuggled behind my head while I watch tv on the couch...purring. She is a very quiet cat...she can't hardly make a sound, but don't worry. Mr. Bean makes up for that. If I'm working in my studio and talking into a microphone, Mr. Bean does NOT like it. He thinks something is wrong with me. He'll climb my chair and bite my head to snap me out of it.

Mr. Bean will rub against my leg if he wants something, and then I follow him and he tells me whether he wants outside, or if he just wants a snack.

Even Gloria, my little Chug, loves the cats.


I guess my point is...the stress level in my house would be so much higher if I didn't have a distraction; my cats and my dog are the best. If you're feeling stressed? Pet the cat. Talk to the cat...feed the with the cat. Just watch a cat entertain themselves. If you can't sleep? Cuddle up with a cat. The purr motor will lull you to sleep in no time.

Happy National Cat Day. Visit now to find your new forever friend, then call Vicki Davis and set an appointment to pick them up today.


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