UNDATED -- We may need to step our Christmas game up Minnesota, at least according to CenturyLink, who says we're one of the states with the least Christmas spirit.

The North Star state came in at 44th on the list.


The internet provider looked at two main things, online activity related to Christmas, and area culture. Analysts at CenturyLink used the following when they graded the states:

Online Activity

  • Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses (29%)
  • Google shopping trends for wrapping paper, Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments, and “Elf on a Shelf” (28%)
  • Christmas music streaming (14.5%)
  • Tweeting about Christmas (7%)

Area Culture

  • Number of Christmas tree farms per capita (7%)
  • Charitable giving (14.5%)

Washington, South Dakota, Utah, Missouri and Maine were the top five. The only states to finish with less Christmas spirit than Minnesota? Nevada, Michigan, New Jersey, Florida, Hawaii and Alaska.

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