There are many children and adults who go missing every year - and some never are found. Here's a list of all missing and unidentified persons for Central Minnesota updated through current day 2017.

It is crazy to think about all the missing and unidentified people who are still missing in our state today. Some people have been missing for just a few hours, maybe days, maybe decades. It is our duty as a society to come together and try and find our lost or stolen neighbors. Here is a comprehensive gallery of all missing persons in Central Minnesota, currently.

"The Minnesota Missing and Unidentified Persons Clearinghouse posts information about children who have been reported missing to a law enforcement agency. Appropriate information on missing adults and/or unidentified persons is also included. Anyone recognizing individuals on this page should immediately contact the investigating agency. For more information about this bulletin call (651) 793-1118. " - The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

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