I'm a sucker for a fundraiser that involves food. Chocolates, girl scout cookies, discount cards to area restaurants, popcorn tins. I love it all. But when it comes to hoagie sale fundraisers, my love is taken to a new level.

These sales are popular among hockey clubs and marching bands. I wasn't in either organization growing up, but I'll gladly support them as long as they sell me those delicious sandwiches.


Hoagie rolls spread with olive oil and vinegar, then layered with deli meats, tomato, onions, and cheese. My mouth is watering just thinking of these bad boys. The best part is that they are always sold in conjunction with big outdoor weekends in Minnesota. You can't be in a deer stand for hunting opener, or on a boat for fishing opener without a hoagie in arms reach.

At $5 a pop, I'll take four for sure, and maybe even another four if those don't last as long as I anticipate. Which is usually the case.

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