Over the past few days we asked you to cast your vote to find out which age it's appropriate to take away the pacifier - and over 100 Central Minnesotans joined in on the conversation! Check out the results here!

Lately I have been seeing more and more toddlers still using a pacifier. There have been multiple experiments where it proves that if a child uses a pacifier for too long, their mouths can become deformed and have serious dental and health issues. So I was curious – at what age do you make the decision to take it away?

Lots of parents use nooks to comfort their babies. And this is completely normal. While others never use a pacifier with their children. People come from all over the spectrum on this topic – so we asked Central Minnesotans how they feel about the pacifier! Here are the results from over 100 votes:

Q: What age should children stop using a pacifier?

  1. 1y-2y 41.82%
  2. 6m-1y 34.55%
  3. 2y-3y 10.91%
  4. They should never use one. 5.45%
  5. 3y+ 4.55%
  6. Other 2.73% (When the dentist says to)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! Now, where's my nook?!

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