Military veterans all over central Minnesota are turning in their 'Veteran' license plates for normal plates after a rash of threats started appearing on their vehicles.

I was talking to my neighbor yesterday in the driveway and he noticed I have a "Gold Star Family" plate on my vehicle, and it started a conversation that left me completely baffled.

He and his wife are both veterans who did tours in Iraq and earned the right to proudly display their service to our country on a license plate. He said they turned in their vet plates for regular ole' Minnesota license plates a couple months ago because a few of their friends in the area, who served with them, found very threatening letters on their car that was parked in their driveway.


This is downright disgusting to hear about! The entire reason we all have the freedom to drive cars, hang out with our neighbors and feel safe in this country is because of our vets who put their lives on the line and fight for this country every day. Whoever these people are that are doing this - shame on you in the worst way. I hope you get caught by a vet and get what's coming to you! You can guarantee if I see anybody doing this, I'm not waiting for the police to take care of you...I'll bring you in myself.

My neighbor and his wife are the nicest people around. They have a couple kids and now they have to worry about living in the country they fought for, and the safety of their family? All because of a simple license plate they put their life on the line to earn?

Back in the 60's and 70's our Vietnam vets were treated poorly by war protesters. It wasn't cool then, and it's not cool now. This isn't world we live in now and our vets deserve the highest level of respect from every one of us.

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