Wednesday, December 8 is the first-ever Minnesota Pint Day.

Nobody needs an excuse to sip on a good craft beer, but the Minnesota Craft Brewer's Guild is giving us one anyways with the first-ever Minnesota Pint Day.

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"What better way to spend the dark, cold days of early December than sharing a fresh pint with friends at your local brewery?" asks the Minnesota Craft Brewer's Guild. "That’s the idea behind the Guild’s first-ever MN Pint Day – giving MN craft beer fans a fun excuse to grab some friends, share a pint, and support your favorite breweries this holiday season!"

To celebrate, the Guild has partnered with local artist Andrew Saur to create and produce a special Minnesota Pint Day pint glass. Says Saur of the glass's design:

The design was inspired by the North Star rising above Minnesota on a frosty, still winter night. As the aurora borealis dances and twinkles in the sky, the beacon of Split Rock Lighthouse shines across Lake Superior. The fox in the forest looks up and listens, ears perked. The design then follows the Mississippi River under the Stone Arch Bridge and flows by the metropolitan area. From there, the silent windmill gazes down upon the frozen prairie and a few stalks of wheat. This cross-section of Minnesota showcases the myriad of landscapes found in our great state.

Over 50 craft breweries around Minnesota are partnering with the Guild for Minnesota Pint Day. Each will have a limited supply of the Minnesota Pint Day pint glass available to purchase as well as their own unique drink specials and deals. All proceeds from Minnesota Pint Day stay with the local brewery or brewpub.

Participating breweries around Central Minnesota include:

- Lupulin Brewing Col (Big Lake)
- Foxhole Brewhouse (Willmar)
- Talking Waters Brewing Co. (Montevideo)
- Ashby Brewing Co. (Battle Lake)
- Jack Pine Brewery (Brainerd)
- Big Axe Brewing Co. (Nisswa)
- Cuyuna Brewing Co. (Cuyuna)

For more details on the first-ever Minnesota Pint Day, visit

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