Cathedral health teacher and longtime driver instructor Bob Bjornstad has retired from his driver's instructor responsibilities after 39 years in that role.

Bob's last behind-the-wheel training was done with Cathedral sophomore Clara Schad (pictured above) last Friday. He said in his 39 years as a driver's instructor his trainees never caused an accident and were only involved in 3 accidents.

Bjornstad says there had been plenty of times he used the brake on the passenger side because of a few near misses.

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Bjornstad says the first hour behind the wheel can be the most challenging for his students.  He says he often saw nerves from them but noticed the students became more comfortable after that.

Bjornstad says he enjoyed getting to know students on these trips and felt the conversation helped prepare his students for future distractions that these young drivers would have from their friends.

Bjornstad says driving in St. Cloud has become more challenging over the years.  He says he always stressed defensive driving with his students.

Bjornstad acknowledged that there have been times when other drivers were irritated with his students because they wouldn't exceed the speed limit.  He says as an instructor he always needed to be aware of other drivers on how the student is handling driving.

Bjornstad doesn't have any intention of retiring from his health teacher job.  He says he enjoys his time in the classroom. Cathedral has no intention of replacing Bjornstad's role as driver's instructor.  Most schools don't offer driver's instruction through school anymore. My conversation with Bob is available below.



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