Our December “Teacher of the Month” is Mr. Jeremy Wollersheim from Cathedral High School in St. Cloud.  

Photo Credit: Dave Thomas Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Dave Thomas Townsquare Media

Mr. Wollersheim teaches English and Theatre at Cathedral.  

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The letter sent to us came from his student, Vanessa, who cited several reasons for her nomination.  

She has had Mr. Wollersheim for 3 years for 8th Grade English, 10th Grade English, and now for Film Studies. Vanessa says that Mr. Wollersheim keeps his classes engaged by making the learning process fun for them even with all the reading and writing they have to do.  

Photo Credit: Dave Thomas Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Dave Thomas Townsquare Media

Mr. Wollersheim’s humor is a strong characteristic as well according to Vanessa. “He’s a guy that can make the whole class laugh with a quick come back”.  

Then there’s the “theatre” side of what Jeremy Wollersheim does at Cathedral. “He still keeps his energy going” Vanessa says speaking of the work outside of the classroom in the productions that are produced at Cathedral. “All of the productions he has directed have been phenomenal” the nomination letter stated.  

One of the things that makes presenting the teacher of the month so special is that we surprise the teacher in class and of course they have no idea what’s happening.  

Yesterday when I went to Cathedral and met with Mr. James Lalley who helped carry out the surprise, he led me through the hallways of the school to the theatre where Mr. Wollersheim was about to start class.  

As I began to talk, I could hear the class begin to buzz as they realized what was happening. Mr. Wollersheim was taken aback for sure and was so grateful for the recognition. He was even more touched because the words of the nomination were from a student who he has made an impact on.  

Teachers do make an impact for sure, but students and their parents can also make an impact on teachers as well. One way to do that is by nominating them for Teacher of the Month. 

You can do so on the Mobile Apps (which are free in the app store) for 96.7 The River or Mix 94.9. Or you can nominate through the websites for those stations, river967.com or mix949.com. 

Many thanks for the supporting businesses who supply the prizes for Teacher of the Month: 

All Star Trophy and Awards in St. Cloud 

Coyote Moon Grill 

Great Harvest Bread Company 

St. Cloud Floral  

Little Caesars of St. Cloud 

Also, thanks to James Lalley for keeping this secret and helping with the surprise yesterday.  

Congratulations to Mr. Jeremy Wollersheim, our December Teacher of the Month. 

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