"Dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!" ~ Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) 'Ghostbusters'

Apples and oranges. Mars and Venus. Whiskey and tequila. Dogs and cats.

That didn't make much sense.

So there's another survey just released that looked at the difference between dog owners and cat slaves owners. What'd they find?

  • Cat owners tend to work in creative fields, while dog owners tend to work in the financial field (i.e. dog owners make more money).
  • Cat owners will peruse Netflix for documentaries and indie films. Dog owners scan Netflix for action and horror flicks.
  • Dog owners are more likely to throw a pet birthday party than cat owners.

Meh. So what if we own both? That just means we must be very good people!

Or gluttons for punishment.

So which pets rule? VOTE!

H/T: Fox News

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